rubinMy short name, Rubin and I created a personal Web to share information. Maybe it’s not so important, But It’s better than I leave my knowledge without record, So I decide to write down Technology information via the website.

Useful things that I can also documented here. If I forget, just looking at the left of base category on Very Practical and fast, all the information can be utilized not only for me but for all who need especially part of IT person.

Web technology is always evolving all the time. Many companies have become great because of web technology. Google and Facebook are examples of the most successful companies have managed to exploit web technology. But everything is not instant, takes patience of our own so that everybody can like our expectations. Learn new web technologies and make new changes!

working on NOK, Component HDD Manufacturing company as System Engineer Precisely at PT. NOK Precision Component Batam, Jln. Gaharu Lot 101-102, You can contact to

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