Browse data is defined with Browse Maintenance (36.20.13) and View Maintenance (36.20.18). The Browse Maintenance (36.20.13) program includes a new graphical tool for creating, editing, duplicating, and deleting browses. This tool is only available with the QAD .NET UI.

Modify browse
If you want to add new field on browse, you need to know first which table and field name, Simpan kursor di field yang ingin di tampilkan di browse, lalu tekan ctrl+F, then it will be show all information related field. Remember table and field name,


After that you can go to menu browse that want to modify, right click, choice Design.


Then menu Browse Maintenance (36.20.13) will open, you will see a few table. Find which table and field name, drag into below and save it. Or you can clickopen button on top to find a table. After finsh click run button to test.