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Lotus Notes Application


1. Click icon database “GUEST INFORMATION” on your work space.

2.) Field Below for detail
Created By   : will be automatically assign
Send To        : If you want to send information To some user, you can browse and find it.
Created On  : First time date when you created this document
Last update : Last time Update this document.

3.) Guest name : you can add guest name by click
If no place you wanted, Guest you need to fill in first they name on “LOOK UP” Menu, So their name automatically put in option.

4.) Visited date, here you will be sign date for visite guest. By click 16 button to choice date.

5.) Arrival Time to know when your guest will coming to NPCB, Click time clock button.

6.) Arrival place, Choice where your guest arrive place on Batam.

7.) Departure date, Ussually this date choice on the last when your guest want to go back to their place.

8.) With purpose guest coming to NPCB and PIC who will person In charge when he/she come back.

9.) Residence, This guest whether stay or not in Batam, Default will be Not Stay.
If no place you wanted, you need to fill on “LOOK UP” Menu, So place name automatically put in option.

10.) On Remark, you can put some word that can give information about this Visitor.

11.) After you fill in all the thing of Document, you can do 2 action.
SAVE & CLOSE     : If you only want this document save into database
SAVE AND SEND : Document will be save and send to the user that you assign before.

12.) If you see Error message, please check your Visite and Arrival date.

13.) If you click SAVE AND SEND, document will be send auto to the user.

14.) And user will be know immediately for guest that visit NPCB.
14 Click Orange icon for detail.



Out Of Office

1.) More Button => Out of Office…


2.) You can see your status still Off, please follow procedure below before you enable Out of office fuction.


3.) After you go back from take on leave, please disable Out of office function. Go fo More Button => Out of office, then you can see your status still On.


4.) You just click Disable and Close. Then message notification show you that Out of Office alredy disable.



Nanti pada saat user lain mengirim E-mail, User tersebut akan mendapatkan feedback bahwasanya kita belum kembali ke Office.

Meeting Invitation

1.) Click Open button or go to Calendar.


2.) Click New => Meeting


3.) Below this you can see what need to fill in every step. For options “Notify Me” and “Find Rooms” Button will explain more detail in step 4 and step 5.



4.) This step show you how to configure option “Notify me”. After finish follow procedure in the picture Click OK.


5.) Click “Find Rooms” Button => Click “Search” button, You can select room to reserve that will be record in Database Reservation. Tick one or more check box for booking Meeting Room then Click OK.


6.) After finish input all information above, please click “Save & Send invitations” button, and invitation will send soonest possible.
That’s it, You finish invite your team for meeting. Easy right..? This is not only Invitation but you’re already profesional to invite your own team use the system.


7.) After you set alarm (refer to step 4), System will give you reminder such as below picture.
Snooze Button means => Message will be appear in 10 minutes.
Done Button means => Message will not prompt you anymore.


After user send invitation, we will received email and decide whether we will attend this meeting or not, we can accept and Decline (Reject,Not coming) .

1.) First, We will received email from our colleague, Double click the email.


2.) And you can “Accept” or “Decline” (Reject). Most important is you must respond the invitation.


3.) You also can Accept with Comments”” or “Decline with Comments” such as below picture.


4.) Selesai! That’s it. You already respond the invitation from your team.
And your colleague will be recieved email notification that you want to join the meeting such as below picture.





Reservation Meeting Room

Applikasi ini memudahkan user untuk booking meeting room tanpa harus telpon ke HR juga memberikan informasi siapa saja yang sudah booking meeting room mencegah terjadinya conflict antar user dalam pemakaian ruangan meeting.

1.) Click database in your workspace.


2.) Click New Reservation to reservation.


3.) Followed step on below, Please feedback if you not get the meaning.




1.) Click New Message Button.


2.) Click To, On Find names starting with: type NPCB, and press To Button then click okay.


3.) Then on To Field will be display NPCB, type your subject, and fill the content of your introduce and send the message.



1.) Click create button.


2.) choice your phone Ext.



3.) This field use for your time start and finish use transport (If unknow finish, just choice how long estimation you use it).

range time

4.) Fill Up date of request.


5.) Choice how many your location from drop down menu under location, that already provide by system,


Or you can type by yourself on New Keyword then click OK.


6.) Then fill up other field such as Section, Member (How many person to go), Choice your approval whether Sect,Dept,GM or SPV, Document status you don’t need to do anything cause this will be automatic change.


7.) Skip field document status, its will be change by it self once your leader, Section, Manager, or SPV Approve and Confirm HR for your Transportation.

Doc status new

8.) If you face any error below, please click radio button “Start trusting the signer to execute this action” This option only one time show. Next time no any error like this.


9.) Skip this Section “CONFIRMATION FILL UP BY HR” You can see information section when you had approve transport by HR.


10.) After fill up requirement information, Please click button “Send Document” on the top of document.


11.) Then you will received email notification that document already register in database and send to you Leader.

request pending

12.) Your SPV leader will received soon for email transport request as below and then access the to approve or rejected your transport request.

receaived email1

approve or reject

13.) Once your SPV leader Approve, it’s will be send notification to your and HR Mailbox,

request approved

14.) HR will be go for the link access, Edit document, and assign the Driver, vehicles number and comment if anything to says or change time and date (conform with user before) Then CONFIRM TRANSPORT TO USER.

confirm button

15.) After HR click “Confirm Transport to user” Button, You will be received message and can go to the link and see who’s your driver and Doc, Status is confirm.

transport ready


Kita bisa lihat fungsi dari menu di sebelah kiri :

List down menu

Flow Chart below show how Form Requisition Flow


Change Password

How to change your Notes client password and automatic lock your Notes Application.

1) File – Security – User Security – fill in your current password ==> Click Change Password. In logout settings Options you can also set time limit to lock your email when you left your desk.


2) After Click Renew Password, System will prompt confirmation box. Type your current password and click log in. There’s 2 text box that you need fill in for new password. Note : New Password need more than 8 letter / number (cal also combine). After finish Click OK.


3) And you will see message notification that your password successfully changed.


Selamat mencoba:-)





Kali ini akan menjelaskan cara membuat signature di Notes 8.5 dengan memakai text dan HTML (HyperText Markup Language) :

1) Click More Button => Preferences.

2) If you tick Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my Outgoing mail message. Your signature will be automatically put in every E-mail that you send. But if you un tick, you need to insert manually as show you in next step.

3) After create new E-mail, your signature will be attach auto in below E-mail. Or you can insert manually can go for More Button => Insert Signature. Till here, Text Signature finish.
Dan bagaimana jika kita ingin menggunakan HTML yang kita buat untuk Signature.?

1.) kembali ke Step 2, seperti terlihat di bawah ini. Pilih Use an HTML use image file. ini maksudnya Signature menggunakan file HTML.

2.) Lalu browse file HTML nya, Jangan lupa di file of Type, pilih HTML files. Then Click OK.

Note : Anda mesti membuat terlebih dahulu file HTML nya seperti coding di bawah ini :

<font face=”segoe ui” size=”2″>
Thank you! and Best Regards,<br />
<b>Rubin Ludi</b> | System Engineer |</font>
<img src=”nok.jpg” align=”left”></td>
<td valign=center”><font face=”segoe ui” size=”2″>PT NOK Precision Component Batam<br>
Jln. Gaharu Lot 101-102, Batamindo – Batam 29457<br>
&#9742; (+62) 770 611634 x150 | &#9993; <a href=””></a>

Tuliskan coding diatas, Jangan lupa tempatkan gambarnya di directory yang sama. tepatnya coding dibaris <img src=”nok.jpg” align=”left”>. Lalu save filenya dengan Extension HTML, dan file inilah yang di panggil oleh Notes Client untuk jadi signature.

Mudah bukan, Selamat mencoba.!