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Untuk desain database base on platform


1. Click icon database “GUEST INFORMATION” on your work space.

2.) Field Below for detail
Created By   : will be automatically assign
Send To        : If you want to send information To some user, you can browse and find it.
Created On  : First time date when you created this document
Last update : Last time Update this document.

3.) Guest name : you can add guest name by click
If no place you wanted, Guest you need to fill in first they name on “LOOK UP” Menu, So their name automatically put in option.

4.) Visited date, here you will be sign date for visite guest. By click 16 button to choice date.

5.) Arrival Time to know when your guest will coming to NPCB, Click time clock button.

6.) Arrival place, Choice where your guest arrive place on Batam.

7.) Departure date, Ussually this date choice on the last when your guest want to go back to their place.

8.) With purpose guest coming to NPCB and PIC who will person In charge when he/she come back.

9.) Residence, This guest whether stay or not in Batam, Default will be Not Stay.
If no place you wanted, you need to fill on “LOOK UP” Menu, So place name automatically put in option.

10.) On Remark, you can put some word that can give information about this Visitor.

11.) After you fill in all the thing of Document, you can do 2 action.
SAVE & CLOSE     : If you only want this document save into database
SAVE AND SEND : Document will be save and send to the user that you assign before.

12.) If you see Error message, please check your Visite and Arrival date.

13.) If you click SAVE AND SEND, document will be send auto to the user.

14.) And user will be know immediately for guest that visit NPCB.
14 Click Orange icon for detail.




1.) Click create button.


2.) choice your phone Ext.



3.) This field use for your time start and finish use transport (If unknow finish, just choice how long estimation you use it).

range time

4.) Fill Up date of request.


5.) Choice how many your location from drop down menu under location, that already provide by system,


Or you can type by yourself on New Keyword then click OK.


6.) Then fill up other field such as Section, Member (How many person to go), Choice your approval whether Sect,Dept,GM or SPV, Document status you don’t need to do anything cause this will be automatic change.


7.) Skip field document status, its will be change by it self once your leader, Section, Manager, or SPV Approve and Confirm HR for your Transportation.

Doc status new

8.) If you face any error below, please click radio button “Start trusting the signer to execute this action” This option only one time show. Next time no any error like this.


9.) Skip this Section “CONFIRMATION FILL UP BY HR” You can see information section when you had approve transport by HR.


10.) After fill up requirement information, Please click button “Send Document” on the top of document.


11.) Then you will received email notification that document already register in database and send to you Leader.

request pending

12.) Your SPV leader will received soon for email transport request as below and then access the to approve or rejected your transport request.

receaived email1

approve or reject

13.) Once your SPV leader Approve, it’s will be send notification to your and HR Mailbox,

request approved

14.) HR will be go for the link access, Edit document, and assign the Driver, vehicles number and comment if anything to says or change time and date (conform with user before) Then CONFIRM TRANSPORT TO USER.

confirm button

15.) After HR click “Confirm Transport to user” Button, You will be received message and can go to the link and see who’s your driver and Doc, Status is confirm.

transport ready


Kita bisa lihat fungsi dari menu di sebelah kiri :

List down menu

Flow Chart below show how Form Requisition Flow


Daily Incoming

Pada saat barang keluar dari Washing line area, maka Packing member akan scan barcode semua lot. barang yang sudah di scan akan tersimpan datanya berikut detail lainnya. Ini memudahkan kita memonitor sudah berapa banyak item keluar per hari ini / bulan / tahun.

1.) Bahasa : Klik Icon di Workspace anda yang berjudul “PLASTIC DAILY INCOMING GROUP I”.
English : Click Icon on your workspace that have Tittle “PLASTIC DAILY INCOMING GROUP I”.

2.) Bahasa : lalu pilih “CREATE DOCUMENT” Untuk Membuat Document Baru.
English : And then click Button “CREATE DOCUMENT” To create new Document.

3.) Bahasa : Setelah itu isi data” yang telah di sediakan sebelumnya.
English : After that fill in all the field on the form.

4.) Bahasa : Pada field Qty Per Carton, Input key harus numerik / angka, selain itu system akan message Error untuk menginformasikan.
English :On the field Qty Per Caton, Input Key Must be numerik, Beside that system will be prompt message Error for information.

5.) Bahasa : Untuk Kolom Barcode, Jika ada lebih atau kurang dari 35 Digit, Maka System akan Menolak melanjutkan ke process berikutnya dan data tidak di save.
English : For Barcode Field, If digit number less or more than 35 Digit, System will not allow to continue next process or save Document.

6.) Bahasa :Jika sudah selesai, Klik Save & Close Button untuk Menyimpan Document.
English : Click “SAVE & CLOSE” Button, once you finish to save document.

7.) Bahasa : Pakai tombol “Expand All” dan “Collase All” untuk memilih Bulan tertentu.
English : Use Button “Expand All” and “Collapse All” for cetern information all.

8.) Untuk cara pembacaan data view / Browse yang sudah di input bisa di lihat pada menu By Year sebelah kiri:
Dalam bulan September menghasilkan 3,678,240 Pcs
Item GZ8077V1 dalam bulan september s/d hari ini menghasilkan 378000 Pcs
Qty Lot per Carton GZ8077V1 Adalah 3024 Pcs

9.)Untuk “Inspected By” dan “Plastic Mold”, Harus di isi terlebih dahulu pada Lookup Menu.
English : For field Inspected By and Plastic Mold, you need to fill in first on the Look up Menu.


Applikasi ini di buat agar komunikasi bisa berjalan 2 arah antara pihak Store, QC Inspection dan SPV Incoming di Office. Dan dapat mengurangi less paper yang berlebihan. Pada saat material dari supplier datang, maka Store akan submit form.

1.) Click Button Create Document, Store area need to submit form material incoming.



2.) After store fill in requirement data, Store can choice button to who this document will sending, QC Inspection Plastic or QC Inspection Rubber.


If you face any error below, please click radio button Start trusting the signer to execute this action, This message only one time show.



3.) Mail alert will be sending to QC Inspection, how many LOT they will check and they need to open link inside email.

4. email to QC

4.) After QC Inspection finish checking All the LOT and fill in document section INSPECTION REQUIREMENT DATA, Click Send Doc. to SPV Plastic (If QC inspection Rubber, Button will show SPV Rubber), Alert will be send to SPV Plastic for Approval Review.

5. email to QC (save and send)

5.) SPV Incoming Plastic will received email exactly after QC finish checking material and finish key in all information.

6. spv received email

6.) Document Complete with description OK/NG every LOT will be approved by SPC Plastic then data will sending to QC inspection and Cc Store for confirmation from Supervisor Plastic.

7. doc approve

approve SPV plastic QC

7.) QC Inspection and Store will be received Email document approval from SPC Incoming Plastic immediately.

8. batamqc received approval from SPV

8.) Single Document will be safe separately into three directory

10. safe directory

Strong recommended you create message rules to make easy search mail, See how to make Message rules.

Flow chart how this application work.

Flow chart