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Routing QAD

Similarly, before designing the routing, it is important to determine the team again involve operating costs that will be part of the Routing / Recipe. Once again the time the study team or a team or a product development costing the team can contribute in adding the appropriate standard machine time, setup time is required for the production of the basic quantity

Bahasa :
Demikian pula sebelum merancang Routing, adalah penting lagi melibatkan tim untuk menentukan biaya operasi yang akan menjadi bagian dari Routing. Sekali lagi tim studi waktu atau tim pengembangan produk atau tim costing dapat memberikan kontribusi yang sesuai dalam menambahkan waktu mesin standar, waktu setup yang diperlukan untuk produksi kuantitas dasar. Untuk memahami routing, anda harus mengetahui process flow dari production, tentunya refer kepada document yang berasal dari QC. dan untuk yield, Hourly production rate bisa di tanyakan kepada production.


Routing Maintenance (Rate Based) 14.13.2, rwromt01.p

Routing Code Type Item Code
Operation Operation for production that will put on Work Order
Work Center Work center for this proceess
Description Paste this from Work Center Description
Hourly Production Rate perhitungan output pcs / hours
Yield How % yield on this process

Note : Pastikan labor rate yang ada di menu work center maintenance <14.5, rwwcmt.p> up to date, karena filed hourly production rate <run time> akan terkalkulasi oleh labor rate yang akan di laporkan di menu Routing Cost Report <14.13.14, rwrorp01.p>

routing menu

New Item

Item Data Maintenance 1.4.3, ppptmt04.p 

Item Number Nama item baru
Description put a description such as Part number, REV, etc
Unit of Measure PC, Set, satuan dari product tersebut
Prod Line To key in this field, you need to know type of this product
Added this should be automatic
Inner Qty Qty of one tray
Outer Qty Qty of one bundle
Item type FG, SEMI, etc
Status Active, OBSOLETE,etc
Rev Revision
Cust Code Usually code of Costumer.



Item Inventory Data Maintenance 1.4.5, ppptmt01.p

Lot/Serial Control L
Site put a number site of your company
Location Choice where this item finish
Split WO Qty Qty of one carton Box (if not Top Up product, leave it blank)


Item Planning Maintenance 1.4.5, ppptmt01.p

Buyer / Planner user buyer if Purchase item, Planner if In House
Supplier If necesarry
PO Site put in site number
Purchase/Manufacture Manufacture if inhouse, Purchase item or Routeble
Inspect ON if use, If MRP running, recomended used
Op Based Yield: jika di-tick pada Item Planning tsb maka saat dilakukan routing cost roll up, Yield% di Item Planning akan mengambil hasil perhitungan Yield di Routing tsb,
Yield Percent Berapa % yield dari item ini, jika 3% ketik 97%


Item Cost Maintenance 1.4.9, ppptmt03.p

Item Number Type item number
Material If purchase, key in. If in house, leave blank, cost will be diplay on lower level
Labor This amount display after roll Up, hasil dari nilai routing Routing Maintenance (Rate Based) 14.13.2, rwromt01.p pada hourly production rate
Overhead Listrik, air, exclude production process. Usually amount already fix by Company
Burden leave it blank

Remove printer spoller on UNIX

Remove printer spoller on UNIX
This task need to do when printer jam on system, Login on web, input username and password, click Hardware-Printer Administration-find printer jam and click list on the right side, click Select All then press Cancel Selected Jobs button


Then screen will go back to previously page (Main page printer list), Click printer name, make sure Printer is enable to use, then click save button.


Error login .NET UI QAD2007

Error login .NET UI QAD2007
Jika broker tidak naek di QAD 2007, artinya bisa login teraterm tapi ga bisa login .Net Use Putty, Go to root and go for OS Command type :
# proadsv -q 
Jika hasilnya admin server not live berarti mesti di naikin brokernya dengan cara.
# proadsv -start
Setelah selesai ketik lagi
# proadsv -q 
Message nya jadi “AdminServer is alive”
Setelah itu exit dan stop dulu semua database dengan stopall dan log out lalu login lagi dan start semua database dengan Start All. Tunggu sampai selesai dan coba lagi login memakai .NET.


Browse data is defined with Browse Maintenance (36.20.13) and View Maintenance (36.20.18). The Browse Maintenance (36.20.13) program includes a new graphical tool for creating, editing, duplicating, and deleting browses. This tool is only available with the QAD .NET UI. Continue reading