Message Rules

Lotus notes have function that call “Message Rules”. jadi mengatur settingan alamat seseorang di tujukan ke dalam directory yang sudah kita buat.

1.) Click your inbox – More – Mail Rules. (Make sure you online in Mail-2). *
Message rules

2.) Click New Rule button.
Message rules2

3.) Follow picture below for detail flow procedure.**
Message rules3

4.) After all procedure above finish, you can see status in your rules.
Message rules4

* Posisi harus ada di menu Inbox.

**in create condition you type email address note’s convention e.g Rubin Ludi/NPCB/ (this is lotus notes convention address-must use notes convention otherwise mail rules can’t run, if from outside just type username@gmail, etc) – click add button- in specify action Move to folder then click select button,(chose the folder that U created before)- then add action. finish.

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