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Meeting Invitation

1.) Click Open button or go to Calendar.


2.) Click New => Meeting


3.) Below this you can see what need to fill in every step. For options “Notify Me” and “Find Rooms” Button will explain more detail in step 4 and step 5.



4.) This step show you how to configure option “Notify me”. After finish follow procedure in the picture Click OK.


5.) Click “Find Rooms” Button => Click “Search” button, You can select room to reserve that will be record in Database Reservation. Tick one or more check box for booking Meeting Room then Click OK.


6.) After finish input all information above, please click “Save & Send invitations” button, and invitation will send soonest possible.
That’s it, You finish invite your team for meeting. Easy right..? This is not only Invitation but you’re already profesional to invite your own team use the system.


7.) After you set alarm (refer to step 4), System will give you reminder such as below picture.
Snooze Button means => Message will be appear in 10 minutes.
Done Button means => Message will not prompt you anymore.


After user send invitation, we will received email and decide whether we will attend this meeting or not, we can accept and Decline (Reject,Not coming) .

1.) First, We will received email from our colleague, Double click the email.


2.) And you can “Accept” or “Decline” (Reject). Most important is you must respond the invitation.


3.) You also can Accept with Comments”” or “Decline with Comments” such as below picture.


4.) Selesai! That’s it. You already respond the invitation from your team.
And your colleague will be recieved email notification that you want to join the meeting such as below picture.