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Applikasi ini di buat agar komunikasi bisa berjalan 2 arah antara pihak Store, QC Inspection dan SPV Incoming di Office. Dan dapat mengurangi less paper yang berlebihan. Pada saat material dari supplier datang, maka Store akan submit form.

1.) Click Button Create Document, Store area need to submit form material incoming.



2.) After store fill in requirement data, Store can choice button to who this document will sending, QC Inspection Plastic or QC Inspection Rubber.


If you face any error below, please click radio button Start trusting the signer to execute this action, This message only one time show.



3.) Mail alert will be sending to QC Inspection, how many LOT they will check and they need to open link inside email.

4. email to QC

4.) After QC Inspection finish checking All the LOT and fill in document section INSPECTION REQUIREMENT DATA, Click Send Doc. to SPV Plastic (If QC inspection Rubber, Button will show SPV Rubber), Alert will be send to SPV Plastic for Approval Review.

5. email to QC (save and send)

5.) SPV Incoming Plastic will received email exactly after QC finish checking material and finish key in all information.

6. spv received email

6.) Document Complete with description OK/NG every LOT will be approved by SPC Plastic then data will sending to QC inspection and Cc Store for confirmation from Supervisor Plastic.

7. doc approve

approve SPV plastic QC

7.) QC Inspection and Store will be received Email document approval from SPC Incoming Plastic immediately.

8. batamqc received approval from SPV

8.) Single Document will be safe separately into three directory

10. safe directory

Strong recommended you create message rules to make easy search mail, See how to make Message rules.

Flow chart how this application work.

Flow chart


Field Names

Automatically display our name email address
Create=> Field…=> di tab pertama


# Name : CreatedBy
TYPE : Names => Computed (maka akan langsung tercetak email address kita di field).




Tapi jika memilih Computed kita harus isi programing di ==> CreatedBy (Field) + Value==> isi di jendela programing @UserName


# in 2nd tab=> choice options “use address dialog for choice”


Finish, This field will be show automatic when user submit new form on database Lotus Notes.